Unposted from Oct 2012:C is for…

“…calm. As hints of Autumn appear here and there, I can feel myself – and my family – beginning to release our breath. Shoulders relax; neck stretches. Cabin-bound. At the same time, we will be back in Jon’s favorite part of world. The place he seemed most free. C is for Calm.” 

May 30, 2016: You all know that these are the dark days of our year. Well, while checking out old, old draft posts, I found this one. Yep, still able to be snake-bit. I doubt that will ever go away.


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2 thoughts on “Unposted from Oct 2012:C is for…

  1. Oh, how I’d love to wander down that path on a coo! summer’s day…imagine the adventures? Pray tell, is there a hidden swimming hole? What other magic?

  2. Ssssssserendipitous! 😉

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