Summertime, summertime…

…sum-sum summertime. Yes, I know it’s May 30th. And, Memorial Day. And while we reverently remember those we have lost, we also know that this marks the Beginning of the Summer Season! Can you imagine if we all waited until the actual solstice of June 20th to bring on the Season? Retailers of all kinds…hello, Thrasher’s…would miss a month of tourist dollars; the homeschooling families, neighbors over the northern border and Snow Birds would have their schedules trampled. The tragedy goes on and on.

Those of us that are mid-county can generally tip-toe to shopping, work and fun via one back road or another. Much of our summer, we just enjoy the long-lighted days and follow the corn growing.


Of course like our dear Laura, my grandbabies are Beach Kids through and through. From the time they can first get their toes into the water…frozen though they may be…until that last day well into September, they are there. Hour after hour. Life is so good.


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2 thoughts on “Summertime, summertime…

  1. Ah, to be young, fancy-free…and on the beach! We lived in Muskegon and my fondest memories of childhood summers are centered on Lake Michigan and going to the beach, both there and in Chicago, on the other side of the Lake, This is a priceless shot and the Littles are gettin’ so big! Look at em! Love!


    PS. The beach portion of this photo is perfect for your handwritten journaling, so say she.

  2. LOVE those beach-combing Littles ♥

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