Journaling with Jamie & friends

For the month of April I’ve been playing with “me time” on Fridays. Kind of a mini follow-my-heart-retreat that’s totally guilt free: no shoulds; have tos; or musts. I’ve read a book all day; gone to the movies; made art; and visited the beach. For six weeks I have joined Jamie Ridler and fellow journalers live on Fridays for an hour via Zoom to journal and journey together.

My experience: kindred spirits bring a powerful force to discovering and fulfilling my own desires and dreams.  Jamie’s engaging presence, authenticity, and willingness to join us and lead by example made every hour a delicious treat for my soul.

We played with a (new to me) format of first spending two minutes by documenting our day so far. For me it was a list of what I’d accomplished and then a list of how I wanted to spend the rest of my day. My lists started out kinda dull and succinct. But I got in the groove after a few weeks and yesterday my list included details like; at breakfast gave Gracie yogurt to lick off my finger and her bliss face made me smile.

Next was a ten minute free write. For me this is ‘venting’ getting all the crud out of my mind and clearing the way for some positive creative thoughts to shine through. I really like a time limit for this because I can go on and on and get stuck in a rut with my writing. Out of this free write I later choose two actions I can take (I usually pull out more for my tah dah list) and two prompts to explore as a longer journal write.

This clearing was followed by a doodle. Yup, those little drawings you scribble in the margins of your notebook while waiting for something important enough to jot onto the main page is said at a conference, meeting, or lecture. Or maybe you doodle on napkins or in the margins of books. My discovery was how easy it was to let go of judging myself and letting five-year-old-Laura have the pen!

Our last writes were usually two longer writes or one long continual write from a prompt Jamie would share. We became a community of journalers connected across time and space putting pen to paper. So empowering! After the write we shared as much or little as we liked of our experience via chat. Our final session is next Friday–these six weeks whooshed by and I know I am hooked and want MORE and have my fingers and toes crossed for a summer Journal Club!

Here’s Jamie sharing her journals in a video that WOWed me!

And here’s my doodliciousness!


Self portrait


Embracing downtime and fully resting.


Arbor Day celebration: a heart tree & me as a tree!



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One thought on “Journaling with Jamie & friends

  1. LuV your ‘heart-me-tree’ doodle! Thx for sharing the details of the journal group and do let me know if Jamie runs its again; I’ll definitely join!
    See you soon!

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