in the scheme of things…



Reviewing April’s activities, I’ve been busy but not that busy. And I’ve certainly had a lot of different experiences and photos to share. For starters, in April we had no less than 15 days straight of sunshine and very comfortable temperatures…the flowers have been exquisite, especially the tulips and now the dogwood and other flowering trees are bloomed but also fading to green; the azaleas are bright and glorious…

For several weeks, I’ve had on my daily  list of most important tasks: update blogs ( I post to two) … everyday that little notation is #1 in the queue…and everyday, it has fallen to the bottom…for whatever reason, I’ve done everything but put fingers to keyboard – or even pen in hand on paper – to pull from my mind, the words to share…

I have been doing a lot of reading – main subject: productivity and habit formation. I much prefer reading these types of books than a novel…I started reading A Man Called Ove over a month ago…and set it aside. One day, I will resume – everyone tells me that I will come to appreciate Ove; he irritates me. Another title I’m reading When Breath Becomes Air is eloquently written tho’ it’s not a happy subject…

I am also creating a new quilt  -in my mind  – for a challenge due September; this spring has provided a lot of fodder for my soon-to-be-creation because sooner than soon it will be August…and I have a few other stitching projects I am also working on…


About two weeks ago, I went to a small but glorious exhibit of Japanese Kimonos at the Strathmore Mansion in Rockville MD. Just after I entered the mansion and turned left, my eyes landed on this masterpiece ~ a Japanese Modern Wedding Kimono, Uchikake. One could seriously entertain the thought of a wedding, especially if this glorious kimono was in the offering …

I find it hard to believe that tomorrow is May 1. Where does the time go? On the agenda, in just a couple weeks: a reunion with Kathy and Laura  (my OurTrivista partners and soul mates). Definitely ranks up there with the kimono!

Happy May Day!




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