Back + Forth; Up + Down

So, this title was saved as a draft 23 days ago. As so often happens, the spark of thought that brought it forward has fizzled. Those words do call forward an uneasiness when I read them. A sort of frenzied movement? I’ll get back to you on that.

Meanwhile, The Kiddles, Kate and I played hookie last Tuesday to enjoy Spring in Bloom at Longwood Gardens. Tulips…my favorite flower. Now or never! Enjoy.


Spring…tulips, hydrangeas, barely leafing trees.


Doesn’t that yellow jump out to you?


Me + My Girl


Earlier in the month, public librarians were gathered in Denver for the Public Library Association Conference. First time for several of my staff…always good for me. Anderson Cooper for opening keynote…Arianna Huffington as a lunch speaker. Roomed with Annie Norman, State Librarian. Much to share on that front, my friends!


The Author Luncheon desserts were not only beautiful, they were just the right size!


The Sussex Department of Libraries Gang. Google the Denver Convention Center to see this giant bear sculpture. I swear I took a full body shot!

IMG_5171 breakfast…had to take this shot of Honore’s MSQT liquid regimen that I got for myself without even trying!

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2 thoughts on “Back + Forth; Up + Down

  1. Flowers and dessert….what more is there to say? ♥

  2. I think the tulips this year were especially beautiful (my friend Margaret, the gardner shared with me that real gardeners dig up the bulbs every year)…but I still think the sunshine and cool nights helped them stand straight and tall- er…would that I could’ve joined you, Kate and the kiddles on your outing…here’s a show-stopper: I stopped drinking OJ about a year+ or so…can you believe that? After a zillion years? Ask me why…who knows? Never been to Denver…did ya like?

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