end of day poem

I’ve been inspired by my time in the Oasis to add more depth to my evening gratitude ritual. Currently I write five things I am grateful for; five things I accomplished; say my letting go of the day mantra; say blessings to my loved ones who have departed; move a stone from one container to another and say aloud, “I am grateful.”

2016-04-09 18.33.14

“Today was a day of glorious imperfection! And THAT is what made it beautiful. I thank this day and I let go of it deeply.”

I now include an entry that describes where I felt God in the details. I’ve been delighted to witness myself taking note the moment when it happens because I’m paying attention and tuck it away to expand on in the evening. Several times I face the blank page eyes achy from my day and say I have no idea. I write anyway. Here’s one:

“When I listen to the author paint a picture of a small French Village in 1943 and I see it unfold in my mind’s eye–isn’t language incredible? The cobblestones. The rough fabric of yellow stars on coats. Stick thin children waiting in line for bread. The power of words transports me there. Time travel exists!

How is it even possible to live inside Kristin’s story and feel her characters every joy and sorrow as though it were my own? Yes, God is present in the stories we read, write, listen to, tell, and live. Yes, live; it is ALL story. That’s where God dwells.”

I had no idea I felt this way until I touched pen to paper; it flowed out like a burst dam of truth and insight.

The other practice I’m including a couple of nights a week is an ‘end of day poem‘ which I practiced diligently in 2001 and collected in a notebook I recently stumbled upon. Flow, spontaneity, a time limit, and no editing are my only rules. I’ve played with my own style creations for word spacing, stanzas, and length–even Haiku’s which I strive to write lightening quick for an extra blast! Intention: to capture a piece of the day in a unique way.


Today I felt suffused in gratitude.
It poured from my skin.

Deep in dark organs
Gratitude strained against cells
Release me, it cried
Let me out, it hollered

My body listened
And let go
The fragrance of gratitude
Bloomed fragile and delicate
From my very

Gratitude as I spooned
Into my mouth.

Gratitude as my sneakered feet
Hit the ground
And carried me

Gratitude for a
Rock I dusted and
Placed back on the

Gratitude for the memory
Of the beach
Where that gray smooth
Was plucked and shared then
Tucked away

Gratitude for seeing
God in an

Gratitude for tenderness
Comfort, caring
And forgiving
My body
What it most

Gratitude explodes from
And internal wiring
It bursts from my third eye
A people attractor

Sheens my skin
Like morning dew
And lights
My face
From the

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3 thoughts on “end of day poem

  1. Kathy on said:

    Beautiful and inspiring…Thanks for sharing!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Mmmmmmwah! ♥♥♥

  3. I luv this post…especially the Haiku gratitude practice…try my hand periodically at writing this verse…never write enough stanzas -is that what they are called??? – I think; will try longer verses…tbc!

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