MSQT 3.29.2016

Today, it is sunny and blustery…true March winds. Guess they’ve showed up ’cause the month’s almost over! I’m ready for April…and to move on. This morning, in fact over the past few days, I’ve gotten a late start to my day ~ perhaps the change to daylight savings time has caught up with me.

The days of March, including this one, thus far, have been quite OK and I’m grateful that I have been able to witness, experience, live, document and appreciate them, every last one.  Reading The Gratitude Diaries has opened a wholly different approach to my daily start: journaling and MSQT (Morning Solitude & Quiet Time)…I begin each day as I have for easily, if not, two decades, with my journal, pen and mug of hot tea and after I check/record the current weather: temp and conditions.

And then I start reading: a bit in this book and that and the other. Somedays, if I hadn’t written my gratitude journaling from the night before, I update/complete that day. For the past 8 days, I’ve been doing a 21 Day Gratitude Journaling exercise from the book Gratitude Works. The exercise changes from day-to-day and is repeated  on the same day for three weeks. To whom and for what is today’s gratitude prompt.

Today, smack dab in the middle of penning this post, a dear friend and quilting companion from Oregon called and we FaceTimed for about 35 minutes. We won’t be seeing each other this year and that’s bittersweet but I already know that our time spent together today is definitely on the top of my daily gratitude list for the day!

To whom and for what are you grateful, today?



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2 thoughts on “today…

  1. To whom and for what are you grateful, today?
    My daughter who makes me smile and has attracted this ideal job and amazing boss and stepped up to the challenge of simultaneous new career; internship; final semester; and graduation in May! ♥

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