My grandfather used to look at me in such an indulgent way when I would point out some “happy accident” that I found delightful. My poor grandmother never felt she had time to notice things. But, my mother? My mother has always gotten it. We know that if you’re paying attention, a little fairy dust gets blown your way…particularly when one lives a life of gratitude.

This story was intended to focus on the cards shown below. My colleague, Rachel, brought in her grandmother’s nursing school scrapbook to share. Fantastic snapshot of her joys and of the life of women at that time, of course. I mean, she received a note from the RA directing her to clean off the top of her dresser right away. Wow. But, my real serendipitous moment involved the Art Deco design of the cards. I’m a huge fan of the period, especially of the typography.

Then as I started this, I did a little random searching on the topic of serendipity, happenstance, fluke, dumb luck, blessing. Enter the fairy dust. Most of the sites dedicated to the topic relate to science. Take a peek here  and here. Just confirms once again our contention that the flip side of art is science whether one acknowledges the fairy dust or not. Oh, and that we’re all dreamers.





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2 thoughts on “Serendipity

  1. Big thanks to Rachel for sharing; the font IS fab on these cards! And big YES to: ‘the flip side of art is science’ and ‘we’re all dreamers’. Links totally rock BTW!

  2. Well, it seems I managed to miss this post a tad back! Apologies. Love that art is the flip side of science and vice-versa. I must keep that idea in mind as I wend my way…how are ya?

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