Vitamin G, cont’d…

sunset 1.31

sunset 31 january 2016

I was amused that Laura and I were/are on the same chapter in The Gratitude Diaries  (you can read Laura’s post  here for her very  thorough and illuminating overview of chapter  9: The Powers of Vitamin G (as in gratitude). Very clever…and it totally resonated with me: I heart the idea of taking a daily gratitude vitamin…which leads me to a habit I am conscientiously trying to establish tho’ so far,  not too successfully…and that is creating an ESQT: Evening Solitude & Quiet Time.

For two decades, I’ve begun my day with a Morning Solitude & Quiet Time; this is a practice that provides me with zillions of endorphins. I usually start my day, 6-am-ish and I am finding that many mornings, come 10 am, I’m still in PJs …so, I will tear myself away from reading, writing in my journal, pursuing an idea or inspiration, planning for what is left of the rest of my day… and get on with it!

I’d  like to end my day with a similar routine; it hasn’t been easy because the environment is not quite the same: when I awaken in the morning, there is peace and quiet; I’m the only one awake and I usually sit in the GreatRoom, looking at the outside world, accompanied by the  sounds of silence: the refrigerator’s hum; the furnace or A/C turn on; birds chirping; etc. I don’t turn on the tv, radio, my iPhone (except to check the weather ) or iPad…unless I am reading a book or taking an online class.

As I journal, I [will] write my gratitudes for the moments that are …and the day that was before…But, I’d prefer to write the latter before I lay me down to sleep...

Trying to establish ESQT is a challenge: N’s awake and the TV is on; I may’ve dozed off in front of the TV (always puts me to sleep in the PM); I’m a lark – my energy’s pretty much gone… I don’t read at night because when I hit the bed, I’m usually out like a light within seconds. Ti’s a real conundrum.

I’m not really sure how to proceed and succeed  – especially since the Vitamin G pill  is metaphoric- but I know that eventually, I will…as long as I keep trying ( a friend of mine always used to say: “Nothing beats a failure but a try”).  I have an idea and a tentative plan that I hope will result in success.

Watch this space…


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2 thoughts on “Vitamin G, cont’d…

  1. kmgraybeal on said:

    Holy cow…what a sunset!!! Immediately lifts the spirit, doesn’t it? And, we hope, triggers a little G to have seen it.

  2. Gorgeous colors…G in action! All the best with your ESQT…perseverance is your middle name, lol! ❤

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