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The Power of Vitamin G has been my favorite section of the Gratitude Diaries so far. Vitamin G is Gratitude! I’ve been struggling with changing hormones and thinking of my body as ‘betraying’ me. I was aware this perspective was not helpful and have shifted by practicing sending my hormones love and acceptance and even gratitude for taking care of me in a natural cycle of aging and life. Who knew my gut was guiding me along a powerful gratitude path paved by others?

Janice connected with so many amazing people who have discovered and believe in the importance of gratitude for our health and shares the science and the beliefs in an engaging and helpful chapter.

Dr. Candace Pert was a brilliant neuroscientist (professor at Georgetown) and her research on Molecules of Emotions was not only a medical breakthrough but introduced an entirely new and fascinating concept about how interconnected our minds and bodies are.  For SO much more see if your library carries the PBS video series with Bill Moyers, “Healing and the Mind”. During an interview Pert explains to Bill:

“The ‘me’ that you say is ‘me’, you’re still thinking it’s your brain. The ‘me’ that’s you is your whole body. It’s the wisdom of the body. Intelligence is in every cell of your body. The mind is not confined to the space above the neck, the mind is throughout the brain and body.”

Wow—do I resonate with this science! “Receptors for messenger cells exist throughout the body.” Worry and fear used to be a self-preservation trigger for danger or life threatening situations. Now our worry and stress triggers the same response in the body but is often trivial (how will I get this report finished on time?) and out of proportion to the reaction it causes internally.

Janice writes, “Gratitude’s first role in keeping us healthy may simply be as a direct antidote to the negative molecules of emotion. When the gratitude, love, and compassion hormones circulate, the white blood cells get the message that the coast is clear and everything is okay.” The practice of feeling and expressing how grateful we are absolutely impacts our health!

Tech visionary, Linda Stone, researched what happens to our bodies when we deal with technology. She practiced “embodied gratitude”—“ Which involved staying in the present and noticing the good things around her. By being centered and calm she tried to let her whole body feel appreciation and express it to others.”  Linda struggled with pain and health issues and found this question helpful, “What part of you is feeling good?” She also shared, “The whole happiness movement drives me crazy because it’s so binary. Are you happy or not? The real question should be-how can I appreciate this moment more? What feels good right now? There is always some positive in the moment that we can notice and appreciate.”

Janice’s grateful take after researching gratitude and health, “Gratitude lowers stress. Less stress means less inflammation. Less inflammation means you are not as susceptible to disease.”

I’m sold on taking my daily dose of Vitamin G. You?

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2 thoughts on “Vitamin G

  1. kmgraybeal on said:

    You know it! Moyers’ series seemed to be a natural progression from his work with mentor, Joseph Campbell. He helped me take Stone one step further into presence with gratitude…toward connection with our own divinity.

  2. Yes, yes, YES: “toward connection with our own divinity.”

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