saturday sky and moments…

satsky2saturday 13 February 2016     8:16 am   – 9 am   21 degrees F

It's snowing now
Swirling, blowing, dusting ... Here
There, Everywhere...

And now the sun’s shining against a brilliant blue sky…I love to see the outside reflected in the dining room tabletop…occasionally a sea gull flies by; clouds moving -rather fast – tinged with grey; bushes and trees swaying. Who has seen the wind?

Hot tea warms my mug, my hands, my heart … more clouds gather; wind picks up – doors creak; snow’s falling and swirling, blown by wind gusts, above, below…

It’s just been fascinating watching the forces of nature swoop in, change the landscape – minute in, minute out – over the past 30 minutes since I sat down to write, greet the day. And now, as I glance at the clock: 8:48 am, the snow’s intensity has picked up…just a bit of blue sky peeks through the whitish and grayish clouds forming in the north and west.

Today, this moment, I am in awe and loving watching the acts unfold; so very, very appreciative for the opportunity to sit here, in my warm-enough house, protected from the outside elements; not needing to brave them, at all; not desiring to do so, either. Thankful for my life, then, now and I trust, tomorrow. I hear Norman singing …he’s truly up early. At the moment, my immediate outside world is awash with swirling snow…


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2 thoughts on “saturday sky and moments…

  1. Lyrical. Lovely. Life.

  2. kmgraybeal on said:

    How can one EVER tire of nature? Thanks, Honore…I watched that sky and felt that wind grow as I read…

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