E is for Enchantment III

Gilbert…page 120: High Art + Low Art

Elizabeth cautions us about designating something high art or low art. She points out the obvious. Art appreciation is one of our unique features. Therefore, it is inherently – to use her words – “wildly subjective.”

As I called up the definition of high and low, I came across Matt Plescher’s comments below.

“Are some forms of art “higher” than others? Is classical music a higher form than rock music? Is poetry above detective novels? Most people are aware of a distinction between high and low art. High art is appreciated by those with the most cultivated taste. Low art is for the masses, accessible and easily comprehended.”

Doesn’t that last bit just burn your biscuits? This is one of the few areas where I think globalization has moved humanity forward…powered by the Internet, of course.








…we’re almost there…

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2 thoughts on “E is for Enchantment III

  1. Truly more enchantment! Dewey Decimal Day!!! For real???

  2. Week Two is my fav: oh my how it glows. Pure art. And that word DONE totally makes my heart smile. I am curious to hear more about DDD???

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