some thoughts on “deep work”…

daffodill sketch

I finished Big Magic earlier in the week… along with Deep Work that I was reading simultaneously.  Of the two, I must admit the latter resonated more, on many different levels…I think mostly because I found it to be evocative for my purposes – I found myself digging deeper  into my own  creative practices, processes and reflections: what is/isn’t; what I desire and seek; and most importantly: that for which I am grateful and appreciative.

Written by Cal Newport, Georgetown University computer sciences professor and popular Study Hacks blogger, the book is categorized as time management and productivity…and that it is – but it’s a departure from the tried and true missives on the subject;  rather, Deep Work introduces one to the practices of “deep workers” in a variety of disciplines and by doing so, encourages the reader to examine and adopt her own methodology for achieving deep work.

So far, the book has been well received, as evidenced here, courtesy of the author. One certainly should toot one’s horn, agreed?! That too is a big part of creativity: ownership! I borrowed the book from the library but I purchased my own copy…so that I can highlight and sticky note it, too!

One of my 2016 creative practices is learning to see, aka as drawing/sketching. Over the past year, I’ve toyed with “seeing” but this year, I’m doing so with a bigger idea in mind. The above photo is part of  my venture into deeper work. Stay tuned…more is to come.


PS. and love to you this Valentine’s Day weekend!


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2 thoughts on “some thoughts on “deep work”…

  1. kmgraybeal on said:

    Ordered…sticky flags at the ready! This is where I am as well…

  2. On my list. I see loads of depth here: and seeing what is and what isn’t. Happy sketching. ♥

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