E is for Enchantment

Big Magic: quoted thoughts applied.

“Oh, and here’s another thing: You are not required to save the world with your creativity.”






sofie day

sofie day (2)

“Your art (sic) doesn’t have to be original, in other words; it also doesn’t have to be important.

1-2 (2)



…to be continued…



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2 thoughts on “E is for Enchantment

  1. The detail and love in this work of art is breathtaking, Kathy! The cardinals are an absolutely delight as they wing their way through the pages. And THOSE Littles…moremoremore…

  2. I am so loving reliving and sharing your 2015 Christmas album …t’is totally “enchanting” and reminding me that I am not quite done with my album, either …hmmm, and I was on such a roll this past year. NTS: Figure out where I am and Get It Done! Aye Aye!
    Pete and Re.Pete are a scream! And I submit, that this art work is indeed important art!
    Waiting for more…
    PS. and if Big Magic did that for you, more power !!!

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