a few more sticky notes…

sticky notes

I am nearly finished with Big Magic and as Kathy wrote: Yes the focus lends more to the creative practice of writing  – which makes absolute sense from the author’s perspective…as I mentioned in my previous post, my sticky notes are few; however, as I read on, several popped up for me, especially these:

  • p. 161: “have a torrid, furtive love affair with your creativity;”
  • pps 162 -164: dress the part. Clearly, depending on what creative endeavor we are doing, we “dress” for the occasion: gonna stitch a bit? wear a t-shirt that is emblazoned with the word “Stitch,” a spool of thread and needles… going for a walk to commune with Nature: don those walking shoes and smartphone earphones… going to mess in my art journal:  where’s my apron – you know, the one smeared with paint…
  • p. 175: next week’s ‘perfect plan’  reminded me of Scarlett O’Hara’s famous “I’ll think of that tomorrow” – often my refrain when I find myself being overburdened by too many creative ideas or feeling uncreative due to too many must-do items on my TDL (to do list)…or am I just seeking the elusive state of perfection that doesn’t exist and if it does, will I know it when /if I see it?

This week I’m trying a new toy/tool: a Pomodoro app on my iPhone/iPad. I have so many creative PiPs (projects in process…or not) that I am often overwhelmed with which to focus on next… too many creative sirens vying for my total attention. The constant battle in my mind doesn’t just interrupt my flow – it creates a dam and I find that I’m ending the day no further ahead than I was the day before, or even behinder. 

So, I’m using the app to see if I can get a realistic idea of how long it takes me to do things creative and mundane. Am I spending too much time during MSQT (morning solitude and quiet time) when I should/could be engaging in other creative pursuits? And do not get me wrong: MSQT, 6 -9 AM, is really my most creative time of the day: I read, write, reflect, sketch, plan, research, express gratitude in my journal, recall a memory and draft a “story…” I also have other creative endeavors that vy for my attention [too] and I think to myself that I am shirking them – ah, it’s a conundrum.

As I am writing this post, I am on my second Pomodoro and first break: 25 min per Pomodoro and a 5 min break. I think it’s time for me to move on and bring this post to a close – not because I’ve run out of words but because I have other creative endeavors I want to pursue before this day is ended…like take a walk and don my earphones…

To be continued…


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One thought on “a few more sticky notes…

  1. P161 quote is quite the invitation! I look forward to getting that far, only read and processed part 1 so far.
    I love reading about your processes & projects… I think I do the overwhelm/frozen thing often…so many directions/options/possibilities/…oh look a bright shiny bauble… ♥

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