Big Magic…Take Three

To be candid, I stopped reading Eat, Pray, Love on about page 6. Not that Gilbert didn’t bring something into the world that needed sharing. More that I didn’t need to hear it. As so often happens with Oprah and me [*grin*], her journey was not my journey. This time round, I am, like Honore, committed to finding some Big Magic, some trigger to my own reflections on the creative mind.


“A creative life is an amplified life.” On this, Elizabeth and I agree. I would say the reverse is true as well. An amplified life will result in a creative one. Life is art, right? I proffer the following Guiding Thought from Albert Einstein way too often; that doesn’t make it any less true. “There are only two ways to lead your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” 

Thus far, most of Ms. Gilbert’s focus is on writing with occasional mentions of other areas of art. Makes sense and feels natural. However, isn’t this a bit limiting? I hear our State Librarian’s voice in my head, “It’s more of an art than a science,” RE: a discussion of library collection development. I nodded in agreement at that time and many others. Heck, at times, a finely-crafted spreadsheet is a work of art to me!


I am moved to see how she expands her concepts as the book progresses.

The “Sometimes it IS fairy dust,” sentence has me hopeful!


Left turn: it is so worth noting that the three of us never talked about what this book discussion would look like, how it would progress. Yet, here it is. Birthed and flourishing. Boo-ya…fairy dust, indeed.


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One thought on “Big Magic…Take Three

  1. HA! EPL is one of my FAVS (book NOT movie!).
    Miracles, science, fairy dust…and a Hobbit house with awesome words—what more does this post need!? ♥ Not to mention gorgeous pix, big thumbs up!

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