Tasting the Magic Again, For the First Time…


Years ago, Kellogg  Corn Flakes had an advertising slogan: “Taste ’em again, for the first time” that resonated with me…loved the play on words and it is indeed true, a bowl of corn flakes did have that “first time” taste for me, nearly every time I ate them – which wasn’t very often…and I share this with you by way of an intro and re-connection to me and my contributions to this blog. As Laura points out in her post, we three have embarked on a virtual book discussion, starting Sundays and no doubt carrying on through the week. Currently, we’re reading  and sharing our vistas on”Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic. 

I started this book several months ago and didn’t quite get into it – which surprised me because most readers/reviewers remarked on how they were highlighting and underlining and sticky-noting practically every page, if not every paragraph. Just wasn’t happening for me. I’m not sure why. When I started again, for the first time, I was still getting the same vibes as previously, but I was determined to read on! And I am, having just finished the Enchantment section. I must admit that I have 3 sticky notes. Currently, I’m about to start the Permission section.

I have never or rarely been fearful of creativity and have a very healthy respect for it, in others and myself. And perhaps that is why I didn’t totally embrace the premise of creativity = fear. Rather, I think my bigger obstacle is overwhelm. I will be the first to admit that I am readily attracted to/by new ideas and can go off on a tangent in an instant. I get all excited, start down many new creative paths and caught-up in any number of projects, that I fondly dub PiPs (projects in progress...or not!). What I wind up with are: a groaning board; a host of choices to make; immobilization; overwhelm, love unrequited; etc, etc, etc. But, perhaps all is a manifestation of fear. At this juncture, I’m just not sure.

But what I am sure of is that I will continue to read this book…and others on the subjects of creativity and fear…and embrace each tasting session with curiosity. Eventually, I ‘spect I’ll discover the flow (one of my 2016 words).

To be continued…


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One thought on “Tasting the Magic Again, For the First Time…

  1. Soooooo interesting how a book does or doesn’t resonate with each of us. Kudos to you for persevering and finding a use for sticky notes, lol!
    Overwhelm for me is definitely a form of fear all wrapped up and tied with a bow of procrastination. In Oasis we are practicing getting in touch with our desires and noticing ‘time monsters’ and ‘shadow comforts’ that thwart us. Fascinating stuff!

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