L is for Like Minds

This is quite a saga. Prepare for a long read. Get some tea.

FEBRUARY: For the second year in a row, we are not going on our Western Maryland October Sojourn. Happy? Not a bit…but, hey, I’m Ms. Flexible. I just need to get into some trees…some Autumnness. Jim wants to plan this vacation…a fabulous getaway for the 35th anniversary thing. Me? I just need red, yellow, green, brown leaves, please.

Winter at the beach

Winter at the beach, February 27th

MAY: (No reasonable plan is started.) We have had many discussions about Lincoln’s assassination over the last few weeks. He was shot 150 years ago on April 14th, after all. Please know that Jim has talked about seeing the Surratt House, Dr. Mudd’s farm, etc. for a decade. And, we have visited 99% of the Civil War battlefields above the Mason/Dixon line. So, I suggest we meander down South a bit on those highways/byways to explore new history…while enjoying Nature’s wonders. “Sounds good, Kath. I’ll take care of it.”

Jonny's Tree

Jonny’s Tree, May 9th

JULY: The tourism stuff I requested from Charles County and the city of Fredericksburg arrives. *grin*  We dig deeper into details RE: tracing John Wilkes Booth’s escape route following the shooting. I make what I think is a very funny joke about our being on the Assassination Tour…kind of like those Grateful Dead folks, but with a morbid twist. Imagine my surprise when my research produces the Assassination Trail, an actual tourist “attraction.” Of course there is. Money to be made, right?

From Ben, July 27th

From Ben, July 27th

AUGUST/SEPTEMBER: (My) Plans grow and expand to include a visit to Mount Vernon and 2 days in Fredericksburg exploring Colonial Era sites alongside Civil War interests. George Washington was born there. Did you know that?

Family Fun Day, September 13th

Family Fun Day in Georgetown, September 13th

OCTOBER AND WHAT REALLY HAPPENS: On DAY ONE, we journey to King’s Contrivance, the place where we were married. We have not been back since that day. Such a good idea…and Jim’s idea. The oak tree under which we exchanged vows is gone but “marked” by plantings all round it. Then on deeper into Columbia to watch “The Martian” in the fabulous theater there. Score again! On to my mother’s for dinner, conversation and an overnight. Lovely.

Remodeled a little, of course.

Remodeled a little, of course.

“Yep, that’s where we had the reception. And the food was over there.”

Traveled here to see Pan's Labyrinth + Oz, the Great and Powerful too. Movie geeks.

Traveled here to see Pan’s Labyrinth + Oz, the Great and Powerful too.  Total movie geeks.

DAY TWO, up-and-out! Since the majority of our trip is in Charles County, Jim wants to drive down Rt. 210 – the main drag of my youth – to Indian Head. I was literally born and raised there. Zoom, zoom, zoom.

...for my The Walking Dead friends...

…for my The Walking Dead friends…


Finally, off to track Booth, the Villian. Too much to write about here but I am continually overwhelmed by the knowledge that History Happens Right Here throughout the entire day. While we have recognized this for years, the weight of this particular page in Our Story brought that forward again and again.

Men are working here and stare at us while we read, talk, snap pics. I wave as we leave.

Men are working here and stare at us while we read, talk, snap pics. I wave as we leave.

Two things I must share.

*Dr. Mudd’s house breathes with the day-to-day life of that time, of children running/laughing, pots clanking and food cooking; yet, something sinister hangs at the fringes there, as well. I’m relieved to leave it.

“Lucky” enough to have an expert in our group, a retired history teacher. Clearly, the assassination was his hobby. We pity this poor docent. He knows his stuff too.

*After escaping the Pine Thicket – an A-list item for Jim – Booth travels south a few miles and crosses the Potomac into Virginia. As we arrive at that spot, I can not believe what I see.

There sits Capt’n Billy’s Crab House. The very crab house my grandparents and I visited several times a season throughout my entire childhood. Seriously? No historical markers back then. So, who knew?

History Happens Right Here.

Finally, the Pine Thicket!

Finally, the Pine Thicket!

The crossing location...and Capt'n Billy's on the right. Wow.

The crossing location…and Capt’n Billy’s on the right. Wow.

While my story thus far surely shows our like minds in interests and thinking, let me continue.

After Dr. Mudd’s house, we are heading to Mary Surratt’s house outside Clinton. We are traveling backwards, remember. As we are leaving, we look at each other and both say “Can we just go home?”

And, we did. I decided to stop chasing Autumn and let it come to me this time round; we enjoyed days with no schedule and real relaxation. Like minds. Nothing better.

Pontoon boat ride @ Trap Pond on a Thursday? Sure!

Pontoon boat ride @ Trap Pond on Thursday? Sure!

Pumpkin picking on Saturday? Absolutely!

Pumpkin picking on Saturday? Absolutely!

Alone time with Ben on Sunday? Yep.

Alone time with Ben on Sunday? Yep. With tea in a pumpkin cup!

Waterlogue 1.1.4 (1.1.4) Preset Style = Color Bloom Format = 6

Play Waterlogue with Samantha later? Oh yeah.

Dinner out with Sofie. You know it.

Dinner out with Sofie? You know it.

Scary movie on Monday? Yes, in the daytime. Obviously.

Scary movie on Monday? Yes, in the daytime, obviously.

And, savor Autumn as she rolls right into my yard? No doubt.

And, savor Autumn as she rolls right into my yard? No doubt.

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  1. L is for lovin’ your like minds; autumn awe; and the Booth escapades—that Jim he’s a keeper, eh? ♥

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