Pinterest = infinite possibilities

This project was born because I asked Dear Hubby to make a headboard. He left me with my mouth hanging open because my non-social-media hubby went straight to Pinterest and scrolled through some amazing ideas. I am thrilled and astonished at the ingenuity people have as well as their willingness to share their ideas and show a DIY model.

I was captured by ‘wall art’ made from shower curtains. Whhaaaaaaat? We put the headboard idea on hold and envisioned filling a blank bedroom wall—it was previously home to a huge dry erase board but I downsized. And you know trees are my teachers and a source of inspiration and creativity….so of course our shower-curtain-wall-art had to be an amazing TREE!

2015-09-30 16.04.14

We built a frame—picture stretching a canvas over wood. The curtain is sheer so I layered brown craft paper underneath, we didn’t attach the bottom but let it hang for effect.


2015-09-30 20.35.55

Perfect colors for fall colored bedroom, the fairy lights and butterflies are magical. The wall just needs some trim work and its done. Super easy project.


I love that I can see it from 'computer central'. ;-)

I love that I can see it from ‘computer central’. 😉


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3 thoughts on “Pinterest = infinite possibilities

  1. Soul sister…you, me and the trees. This is freaking awesome…and The Hubster constantly amazes, right?

  2. Thanks Missy K aka tree loving sistah! ♥

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