See you later, Wayne

A decade and a half ago when I was homeschooling and running a pet boarding kennel I discovered Dr. Wayne Dyer’s books and audio books. I listened as I worked and even though I’d always been a positive person my attitude shifted dramatically. I felt empowered and like the author of my life for the first time in years! His philosophy helped me through the death of my father and our daughter’s teen years and her leaving the nest. He was my spiritual hero—teaching divine love and the power of forgiveness.

I was also working at a local bookstore in a retirement community at this time and sold one of Wayne’s new books to a customer and just had to gush how much I loved him and his work and asked if he was a fan. He gave me a wry look and said; he’s my brother. Jaw. Dropped.

Once I could speak again I told him what a huge Dyer follower I was and how I’d love to have Wayne speak at an event and do a book signing. He was immediately on board saying he’d tried to get him there for years now but he was always too busy. I asked him to please give him my email address but he said Wayne wasn’t into email but would give him my phone number. I really wasn’t confident he’d pass my message on as enthusiastically as I had presented it!

I was shocked when he came back about twenty minutes later and told me he’d been calling Wayne trying to get him on the phone so I could speak to him but said he’s not answering which is really unusual. Not unusual at all—as I may have had heart failure if he’d handed me a phone with Wayne on the other end!  He said he’d see Wayne in a few days for their mom’s birthday celebration. I jumped at this opportunity asking if he would deliver a letter. He returned to pick it up the next day and did indeed deliver.

Wayne mailed me a signed copy of his book with a note that he’d be delighted to work out an event but was booked solid and said when all the ‘lights were green’ it would happen. I treasure that book!

I saw Wayne speak live in San Francisco on my first trip to the West coast in 2007 and he was not simply charismatic and mesmerizing he had the ability to connect with each individual listener and absolutely captivate with his stories and anecdotes.

When I became a virtual assistant I thought Wayne would be my dream client! That was before I learned that his assistant (then of twenty five years) typed out his books from hand written unnumbered pages! I shared my dream of working with Wayne with my VA community and a fellow VA in Hawaii reached out. She explained her client would be attending an event with Wayne and they were close friends. Her client was willing to deliver a letter to him from me. Another opportunity to connect with Wayne—oh how the Universe conspires to make dreams a reality! The law of attraction in action.

My VA friend wrote to say her client had personally tucked my letter into his pocket! I did not hear back from Wayne but by this point realized he was not a computer user and absolutely needed an in person assistant which he had a great relationship with already. I was ecstatic that he had read my words and I’d been able to personally thank him for making a difference in my life and countless other lives as well.

I think I’ve seen every PBS special he ever recorded and mom and I were big supporters buying their package deals. She watched his events over and over in her last year and he brought her great comfort.

The last time I saw Wayne speak was at the Hay House event in Florida 2009 when he shared that he’d been diagnosed with leukemia but was not seeking traditional therapy. He spoke with no notes or breaks for two hours. A gifted storyteller he intimately shared his passion for helping others be their best selves with immense humor and grace. We stood and cheered for his inspiration at the end of his talk. He was a brilliant shining light of love and possibility.

My connections with this great man have mostly been one sided and did not result in my meeting him in person yet they were the perfect green lights for me and I am deeply grateful. I know he embraced death as the next great adventure and I wish him one as amazing and love filled as his earthly one with all of us.

As mom’s hospice nurse reminded us it’s not ‘goodbye, but see you later’. See you later, Wayne!

beach sunriseedited

My favorite books: There’s A Spiritual Solution to Every Problem; The Power of Intention; I Can See Clearly Now; and the movie The Shift.

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