I didn’t know there was a name for adding inspiring quotes to photos but its known as quotography and I’m learning Photoshop in baby steps and I’m hooked.



2015-07-07 19.43.47

A photo Jeff snapped of me: PS sketch effect and a poem I wrote about my creativity.

Blank page.
Glaring whiteness.
Pooh Bear.
The instant the idea blooms—
A fireflower in the desert.
Melts. Floats. Vanishes. Poof. Gone.
I am WILD for the page. I ache for it.
I dive into the whiteness. The nothingness.

flame quote sunriseedited

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One thought on “Quotography

  1. Kathy Almeida on said:

    very cool………keep them coming…loved your poem! big hugs!


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