A sparkling sign

by Todd Young

I procrastinated our Sparkles 6 activity for several days even knowing that what I resist is often the experience I need the most!

Florida in August is muggy and buggy at night, I didn’t wanna play. I didn’t wanna starbathe. The exercise sounded ideal for a late October evening. Even though I ‘m sure I was whiny dear hubby said he’d sit out with me. He’s a mosquito attractor so of course I said, sure honey. The yard was illuminated on all sides so I couldn’t see but four stars from my camp cot and I was already itchy. I mentioned I’d never seen a shooting star. We talked in the dark of star origins and what makes them stars and solar systems and galaxies. Okay, he talked I listened. We’re both smart like that. 😉

By then my eyes adjusted and I could see crushed diamonds everywhere in our lil patch of sky between the trees. Hubby was fiddling with tablet and starchart and we were quiet. I asked the Universe to fix my stomach (stress or hormone related) but it’s wearing on me. I tried to recall the childhood ditty ‘I wish I may wish I might have this wish I wish tonight’ and then I thought about our live-aboard dream and what it would feel like to live that lifestyle. And then more desires and dreams floated up to the surface, but I saw the pattern—I wanted healing: physically, emotionally, and mentally. The moment I articulated that wish into being and sent it skyward I swear Sparklers I saw a shooting star! I was beyond jazzed. In awe I asked hubby if he’d seen it. Nope. It was all mine. It was a sign. The Universe heard me!

We’ve recently become Big Bang fans and I’m sure Dr. Sheldon Cooper could precisely calculate the odds of me seeing a shooting star that night but I know it’s gotta be a ginormous number. Science would explain they’re merely two random events and unrelated. Uh huh. And not just ANY sign Sparklers but a shiny brilliant star with a wide sparkly orangey reddish whoosh of a tail. I’ll take my serendipities anyway I can get ‘em!

My takeaway from my serendipitous shooting star experience was that of empowerment. It didn’t feel like okay I asked and now the Universe will wave a magic wand and zappo I’m healed. It felt like a partnership. I put it out there and asked and the Universe said I hear ya kiddo, let’s do this thing together. You’re not alone in this. I’ve got your back. You create your unique healing recipe and I’ll sprinkle in some stardust.

I’m cookin’ now—with sparklers on top!

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2 thoughts on “A sparkling sign

  1. This is just what I needed to read this morning, Laura…yeah, that Universe thing. The writing is lovely, btw.

  2. Thank you my friend. ♥

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