Doodle Days

I’ve been playing with making ART and what that means to me over the summer. Lots of inner critic rumbling when I think of creating visually. My favorite style has been cut outs from magazines—mini vision boards, I never get tired of those.

Lisa aka The Mountain Mermaid is an amazing artist and creates inspiring and inviting art.  I was immediately IN for Doodle Days Musings Adventure during the month of Aug. Lisa provides a calendar plus extras and you Doodle your day as a visual journal. I’d procrastinated listening to ‘sap’ say you’re not ‘artsy’; you don’t have the right tools; you’re too far behind; etc. Last night I ignored her.

I committed to doing the first three days and the 1st was easy that was our 30th anniversary, lol. It was childlike bliss. Freeing, playful, no rules, no lines. I used colored pencils, colorful sharpies, and new sparkly markers, and even highlighters. I was so into it and in the moment that I Doodled all nine days! I’m off now to Doodle my day for today!

2015-08-09 23.04.23

2015-08-09 23.04.55

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2 thoughts on “Doodle Days

  1. Kathy Almeida on said:

    Fun! So glad that you are enjoying your artsy side! awesome………..happiness, Kath

  2. Gorgeous Laura — and I love your inspiring story! Oh & the shadow of the pens in your images. Thanks so much for participating — I’m glad you’re enjoying! I look forward to seeing more of what you’re up to later this month! And happy anniversary ❤

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