Pole dancing in my new workspace!


The pole supports a swinging arm that supports the second monitor and swings in front of me once I’m seated. It also boasts cupholders and light.


The pole is attached ceiling and floor and is chrome so we wrapped it in rough twine. Hubby’s original design!


Two monitors make me twice as happy & productive! No neck strain looking ‘down’ at laptop, or off to the side at all-in-one. My hubby is amazing!

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4 thoughts on “Pole dancing in my new workspace!

  1. It’s summer! Time for R & R. That pole tho’ is too cool! Way 2 Go, Jeff!

  2. Thanks, Honoré! We’re chillin’ and only doing inside projects this summer for sure!

  3. Boy, I’d say…love that whole “continual improvement” approach to life, don’t you? And, YAY to no neck strain!

  4. I do, I do, I really really do! LOL!

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