g is “good for a cold”…


This year, along with my one little word, CHRONICLE, I am also focusing on firmly establishing and nurturing my creative habits. In the past few weeks, I’ve been following Crystal Moody, creator of “a year of creative habits” project.

Several posts ago, I  shared that I was teaching myself to see, that is, to draw. This morning I created and completed my 25th sight! (aka drawing). Yay me!


Some mornings, I have a clear vision of what I see…others, I haven’t a clue. Today’s draw was one of those “what do I see?” situations…and then I spied my new constant companion over the past few days… a box of tissues! ‘Cause on Wednesday I awoke with a cold!

One of the questions Crystal has posed to us: When do we name our sketches, pieces of art? Before or after the work is completed? So far, I’ve named mine after ~ the drawing sketch just seems to name itself. Perhaps in time I will name a piece before it is created…and when I do, I will share it here, of course.


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One thought on “g is “good for a cold”…

  1. G is ‘good for you’! 🙂

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