Movies, magic & more for this mom…

Your children are not your children. 
They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself. 
They come through you but not from you…  ~Khalil Gibran

Read the whole gorgeous poem here.

Mother’s day was filled with oodles of memory making moments! I hope your day was overflowing with blessings, too. Every person who nurtures is a mother and I celebrate YOU!

Friday I visited Kathy & Mark for a dose of positivity! The three of us talking, laughing, and walking in the bright hot sun and dipping our feet in the pool. Kathy is amazing in so many ways but especially at being a mom and I am always inspired by her love and creativity.

Saturday Jeff and I saw Ex Machina which I’m still mulling. Intelligent film. Asks fascinating questions about consciousness and being human. Excellent special effects. But left me with more questions. Maybe that was the point!

Sunday Brin and I saw The Age of Adeline which was an ideal mother daughter film. Lovely. Blake Lively brought Adeline to life—her clothes, hair, carriage, and personality they were all simply timeless.

At dusk we three made it to the golf course just in time to hear the last of the Symphony Under the Stars and watch the fireworks. Wow! Magic. That’s the best description for the bursts of colorful delight raining down on us from the stars.

Oh mom, I missed you. ♥  It was your day, too. I am so grateful for the life you gave me and for you being my mom. Thirty years ago (back when I knew it ALL) when I didn’t know how to let go and not struggle—I would never have believed a future me would feel this way and I’m blessed to have learned so much from us.

IMG_20150511_122350 IMG_20150511_122405Bonnie made this gorgeous card for Brin to give to me; Brin wrote she was so thankful I was her mom and her best friend…O, sweetie, me too! Becoming a mom was the greatest gift of my life, and back then my mind was filled with baby and little girl. I never imagined a grown up young woman who is my favorite person on the planet—thanks for choosing me to be your mom! ♥

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4 thoughts on “Movies, magic & more for this mom…

  1. This is a lovely tribute to moms, your mom and you, a mom, too! Glad you had a great weekend!
    I was just about to post when I saw your post…so, I’ll wait til tomorrow.


  2. The peace you are feeling comes thru every word, Laura…feeling blessed as well…K.

  3. Vuuuugs my friends ♥

  4. thank you! for loving both me and Mark……….happy mother’s day my friend……here’s to Dottie! and your daughter………your writing is always like flowers and springtime……..beautiful….

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