Ocean infusion

The ocean waves, the wide open space, salty breeze, and sand and seashells always fill my positivity tanks to overflowing. Jeff & I drove to Crescent Beach yesterday instead of over the busy weekend and it was a little cloudy on the road but brilliant clear skies at the beach. We went to celebrate sending off my Inn essay; the abundance in our lives; our togetherness; and because it had simply been too long since I’d had a dose of peace and possibility.

We ate our picnic lunch (meat free for me, but that’s another blog post) and read, walked, and napped until dinner time. We also enjoyed people watching and creating stories for the lone father and toddler son, or elderly couple holding hands in the surf. We crack each other up!

Do oceans speak to so many of us because we came from the ocean ages ago or because we are 75% water?  Or is it the freedom and possibility out there in the deep blue? All these reasons and more make me feel at home and at peace at the ocean—infused to my core with joy. I carry it home with me and spread around generously, nurturingly—rich yellow butter on homemade bread.


Flager Beach & found art!



Oceanside Grill ended a perfect day!


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5 thoughts on “Ocean infusion

  1. Oh! Thanx so much for sharing your trip [sigh]! So lovely and the dessert – to die for! Good luck with the essay! I’m ready for a trip to New England!

  2. Thanks for the love & support, Honoré! ♥
    You can be our first guest!

  3. Just say when!

  4. kmgraybeal on said:

    The found art? What a gift. The shots with the fish-eye lens rock!

  5. O, I see what you did there: fish-eye & rock! LOL! ♥

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