to see is to draw…


     I don’t know that it is true but everything I read on the subject of drawing says the secret is in seeing…making marks on paper of what your eyes see  – not what your brain thinks it may be /is…

Armed with that knowledge, I decided several weeks ago to learn to see – so, most mornings, after my Daily Rock, I practice seeing. I use a pencil to sketch or draw an object or scene and then, add color using watercolor pencils. I activate the color using a water brush. I generally outline the object using pen or a Stabilo Aquarellable pencil – that can also be activated by water. Voila, I have a completed creative piece.

I am finding this 15-20 minutes process relaxing, fulfilling and fun. Over time, I imagine I will also draw. And if not, it’s OK with me!


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2 thoughts on “to see is to draw…

  1. O you of abundant talents, you never cease to amaze with your creativity. 🙂
    Vugs ♥

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