Better than Before…


I am about to begin my second read of Gretchen Rubin’s new book : Better Than Before. It’s all about “mastering the habits of our everyday lives. Habits, according to Gretchen (and others who have studied extensively) are a way to not have to make decisions about what to do, next or at all: Do I walk now or later? Blog now or never? Tally those monthly expenses today or tomorrow? Tackle my to do list – do I have to? – on Tuesdays? And I’m sure you get the picture. With a habit – and we’re talking about those that contribute to your overall state of happiness – you don’t need to have that inner dialog and feeling that you’re not giving yourself self-care.

I have long been fascinated with habits or their lack thereof in my day-to-day life and decided to establish the habit of writing in the morning, daily  and digitally:

  • using an app: DayONE on my iPad mini); and
  •  after I finish my ”rock and I-JOs“ – which I write with pen on paper.

This may be just the best time to write drafts for stories I aim to CHRONICLE in 2015, both in my journal/s and blog/s. Its worth the effort and comes just about the time I’m ready for my 2nd cuppa tea during MSQT.

As previously shared, we three are all reading Patti Digh’s Your Daily RockToday’s rock: “show up for others.” Immediately, I wrote: “Show up also for myself! “And then: “Who? How? When? Where? Why? Why NOT!”

Next, I journaled answers to my questions, the most significant being the raison d’être (love that the auto suggestion of this DayONE program comes up with just what I am thinking/wanting to type!): Why haven’t I shown up? What habit do I need to insure that I will? My tools are literally at my fingertips. I have no excuses other than I just haven’t shown up.

I am here! 

And I aim to, will, show up every week, starting today! Look for me on Wednesdays. Fix yourself a cuppa tea and let’s chat a bit before our day gets too hectic. It will be better than before.

Cheers and love ~


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3 thoughts on “Better than Before…

  1. Ordered Gretchen’s book at the library—thanks for recommendation!
    Happily anticipating Wednesdays!
    Excellent questions; I will journal them as well. My ‘show up’ day would be Saturday…Vugs! ❤

  2. kmgraybeal on said:

    …ongoing wisdom, of course…and the yellow watering cans/banner energize, don’t they?

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