I rock daily, 2…

daily rock

     My friends (Laura and Kathy) and I are all reading Patti Digh’s new book Your Daily Rock. It’s a touchstone – a rock a day -of thoughtful challenges designed to help readers pause and take a few moments to reflect and appreciate our lives, and our approach to living this precious life.

For 48 days, now, I’ve been rockin’…twice a day, tho’ truth be told, I’m not as good at touching base in the PM as I am in the AM. I think it’s because I am totally more reflective and energetic in the morning. I’ve written on this blog before how I am a morning person and when the sun goes down, so do I. However, I do, revisit the previous day’s rock each morning to do a post script, a reflection and response to the previous day’s thoughts, experiences and  moments before I move on to the current day.

There have been some rocks that have totally resonated with me; one that I am most enamored by is January 19th’s. On that day, I was introduced to a new concept – Kintsugi– that I absolutely love. So many doors opened and ideas emerged as I thought about and reflected…in a future post, I promise I will share more about those thoughts and a new experience I hope to have some day soon.  Watch this space.

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4 thoughts on “I rock daily, 2…

  1. Thanks for sharing Honoré, I thought this art form was fascinating, too. It reminded me of the novel by Stephanie Kallos, Broken For You: “Tikkun olam is a Hebrew phrase that means ‘repair the world,’ and this imperative serves as the narrative catalyst of Broken for You.” Not too bad for fiction! :::smile::::

  2. kmgraybeal on said:

    Fiction,Honoré? Be careful…there may be no turning back. 🙂

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