One simple shift

You know that moment when an idea pops into your mind fully formed and you think, That’s brilliant? An Aha! moment that you can’t believe you didn’t see before? I had one and it’s had a powerful impact on me.

I’d been pondering how to move the treadmill so it was in a less conspicuous spot in the living room. It was originally set up for us to walk and watch movies. I found I prefer to read and walk and have become quite proficient at it, so the treadmill no longer needed to face the television.  I’d been sitting with this idea for a few weeks. I’ve developed an unusual sense of patience with our recent home-caring projects—they no longer have to be done yesterday and I’m able to sit with empty space or try a move and leave it for a day and see how it feels. Jeff keeps asking, “Who are you!?”

I am not blessed with the ability to instantly fall asleep like baby animals, or my hubby. My mind mulls, muses, and winds through my day or upcoming day until I get sidetracked and drift off. One night I had a vision of moving a bookcase away from the wall and turning it sideways to the wall creating a dividing space on both sides of it and a nook like space to one side. I saw myself move it facing the kitchen area so clearly. I immediately asked myself why has it been against the wall in exactly the same place for so many years. Why didn’t I see this before?

My new found calm and lack of immediacy allowed me to move the bookcase the next day instead of in the middle of the night. I moved it facing the kitchen but that wasn’t it. I turned it facing the living room, ahhh—there. It created a little nook with a smaller shelf and table below which was cozy and ideal for my books and Knickknacks on the bookcase and shelf. I loved it! More than that. I loved that I’d thought of it! I loved that I had been open to the possibility. Then I saw it—moving the bookcase created a nook on the back side that was perfect for the treadmill. I hadn’t even realized that the idea was the answer to the question I’d been sitting with for days. Ha!

One simple shift of a piece of furniture, albeit an unusual shift, changed the entire space of two rooms and without removing any furniture they became open and flowing. One simple shift in my thinking changed the entire space of my perspective and creativity and my mind became open and flowing and I was able to perceive possibility previously untenable.  One. Simple. Shift. = Possibility.

How freakin’ cool is that?

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2 thoughts on “One simple shift

  1. kmgraybeal on said:

    How perfect. Congrats on the “done yesterday” progress! Hard, isn’t it?

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