C is for chronicle…

chronicle word

Both my very dear friends have shared their 2015 “words” and the initial experiences they’re having with Patti Digh’s new book Your Daily Rock. So, now it’s my turn.

My 2015 word is CHRONICLE. I did a little math and figured I’ve been on this planet earth for 26,000+ days (that’s 72 years and counting). That’s a lotta livin’ and stories. Last year, I chose story as my word and did not make the headway I’d hoped for; so, this year, I decided to continue the word (as Kathy chose to do with hers: fit ) but to change it up just a bit. I needed a word with more action and one that is both a noun and a verb! And CHRONICLE presented itself.

So, with my word front and center, I have been focused on all the bits-n-pieces of planning and doing that I trust will ensure that I do take action and make progress with chronicling my story; such things as:

  • making certain that everyday I do one thing, e.g., make an entry in the DayONE app; write a story spark every morning during Morning Solitude and Quiet Time (MSQT); take and annotate a photo using the COLLECT app; etc;
  • over the past few days, I’ve dedicated a lot of time to developing a plan for getting the ideas, thoughts, memories, stories out of my head and into formats that can be shared with others: such media as a blog post; a scrapbook layout; a mini or big album; a quilt – yes a quilt!
  • creating a weekly art journal spread – one that I can work on all week and also occasionally share on this blog;
  • participating, too, in Ali Edwards’ One Little Word class and her Story Stamps and Story Kits monthly subscriptions. I chose to participate because I like the sparks/prompts these three offerings provide: gets those memory & idea juices flowing and offers some ideas for structure and taking action.

I am finding that the Daily Rocks are also contributing to bringing stories of my life’s memories to the surface and suggesting ideas and actions too. In my next post, I hope to share how one rock inspired me.


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One thought on “C is for chronicle…

  1. Excellent word, Honoré! May your action plan be implemented with ease and joy as you create and chronicle your stories! Vugs ♥

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