T is for Time

Happy January Twelfth! Happy This Moment in Spacetime! Let’s catch up, shall we? December was a dizzying mixture of fun and frenzy; I know, it always is…but, this year? Whew! I am so lucky that I sleep well! My Journal Your Christmas 2014 album stands completed through the 14th…pics and papers selected for the remaining pages. Once I post the entire thing, I’ll provide you the link.

December 3rd

December 3rd

December 5th

December 5th


My One Little Word (OLW) effort is currently an exacting stack of Post-its…the album is set-up + I’m happy with it. I just need to decide whether to use the title page created last year or to fashion a new one. I’m applying my word to the decision. Stay tuned. Winding Patti D’s Rocks throughout my well-defined (and historically successful) approach to OLW is going to be delicious!


...and, we cannot forget MMEW in perpetuity

…and, we cannot forget MMEW in perpetuity

...every morning...

…every morning…

Meanwhile, family, friends and colleagues co-mingle in my own ever expanding/contracting timeline. You too, right? Meet my new Centering Spot, housed most appropriately at Work. It is my very own Hobbit hole. That’s all. Thank you, Christopher and Kate.


Yes…it IS bringing me those Zen moments I so need there. TBC…


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2 thoughts on “T is for Time

  1. LOVE these pix! Oh my, the Hobbit hole is awesome! Here’s to Zen, rocks, and journaling! ♥

  2. Ditto Laura’s words exactly!!! Exactly!!!

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