a day of surprises…

My house is about 75 years old…and has radiator heat, fueled by a natural gas furnace. In the nearly 29 years I’ve lived here, I’ve not had any problems  (we did replace the boiler/furnace about twenty years ago) but lately, in the past two years, the furnace has acted weird. Once or twice during the heating season, the thermostat shows that the furnace is ‘working’ but the interior temp keeps dropping and the house begins to get c-o-l-d. Such was the case last night and so we went to bed, fully expecting to call the furnace repairman, come daybreak.

About 4:30 am, I was awakened by a clanging sound: could that be the radiators? Heat? I got up and felt the radiator…indeed it was heat. I did a little happy dance and crawled back in bed for another hour of sleep and hopefully, a warm house when I got up, again. I was not disappointed.

JYC Kayla dance

Today was made super special because my 13-soon-to-be-14 years’ old niece – Kayla –  gave an awesome performance in her school’s holiday performance. She sang two solos and did a tap dance routine. None of us: her mother, grandmother, older sister or I knew that she could sing and/or dance. About the only person who was not blown away was her six -months’ old baby nephew!

I think I shall always remember the 18th of December for today’s events…


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