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JYC Frog & Flowers

And so I returned from NYC and totally got sidetracked with other holiday activities and just plain ol’ life! Kathy sez she’s been juggling lotsa balls~ that I clearly understand. Laura’s now here in the area; she and I (dear Kathy’s juggling act keeps her in DE) are planning on connecting with one another, tomorrow, Thursday, 18th of December … after I attend a holiday concert at my 13-years’ old niece’s school. The concert is at 8:30 am! Usually at that time I’m still in my PJs and enjoying my morning tea, journaling, reading, etc.

Today’s Journal Your Christmas prompt is to make a list of what is left to do…after all, Christmas is just days away. Where did the time go? It seems that just yesterday we were welcoming December. On my list, and something I do annually, is visit a local nursery. I love to meander through it: taking in the smell of evergreens; looking at all the colorful Christmas flowers, especially the painted poinsettias  and checking out the Christmas shoppe.

I made the visit today! And glad that I did. T’was a welcomed break and one that was definitely in tune with the senses. The best part: it was free – though I did buy a few items: a Christmas cactus, a variegated poinsettia, some Fraser and Noble fir bunches, an ornament, a 9″ ceramic planter and some Christmas ribbons.

And yes Kathy, you need to buy some poinsettias. Here’s a treat for you: Painted poinsettias repainted in Waterlogue.

Painted in Waterlogue-Poinsettias



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