New York, New York…


JYC river 12.10

Recuperating after a whirlwind trip to the “big apple” Wednesday. Our bus left about 6:30 am; can’t say we were all wide awake but we were aboard the bus and that’s what counted. Not too often that I get a chance to capture a sunrise over a body of water and this one of the Susquehanna River was worth the early morn’ rise…

We arrived about 10:30 am, decided to eat at the Stardust Diner on Broadway and 50th–just blocks from the theater district. Many of the wait staff are wanna-be Broadway vocalists…and they do a great job of barreling out famous tunes. It’s fun to watch and hear them…

cathedral JYC 12.10

After breakfast, we went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral for noon mass; the church is still.very.much under construction – scaffolding abounds both inside and out. I think it just adds to the majesty of this grand edifice.

My friend Pat and I then went to The City Quilter. Our cab ride there was, to say the least, interesting. Cars, taxis and buses on NYC streets don’t travel in lanes – they dart in and out, always looking for an opening to move another inch or so towards the intended destination.

Lego JYC 12.10

After about 1.5 hours , we returned to Rockefeller Plaza and took a quick walk through the Lego Store – a great place, teeming with business.

tree JYC 12.10

Outside, on the plaza, many folk including moi, were taking photos of and with the Rockefeller Center majestic tree as a background. We ended our day with dinner at a nice Italian restaurant – Cucina, on the concourse level of the Plaza.. I had grilled salmon and sautéed squash. Yum!

TimesSquare JYC 12.10

One last look at the great white way and we were on our way home. Bone tired,  glad we’d had such a great time and treated with wet snowflakes in the late afternoon. Just enough to really add magic to a long and fun day.


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One thought on “New York, New York…

  1. Oh, Honoré I would LOVE to make this trip with you one day! I’ve only been once with my whole class (7 of us) when I was 12 and we skated at Rockefeller Center. Wonderful treasured memories!
    What a fabulous day, thanks for sharing.
    (I had thought to see Wicked in Toronto, but it was sold out while we were there.)

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