” visions of sugar-plums …”

 …or sugar high


I had to make a quick run to IKEA this afternoon and as I left, saw this cute tree, all decked out with decorated gingerbread ornaments. What fun! Looking closer, I realized plain ornaments were available…to buy, so I picked up a pack. I don’t intend to decorate them – we have no small kiddles who’d enjoy this activity and the bebe is a tad young…I’ll probably  put out on a plate at Christmas…


Anyway, I don’t eat much in the way of processed sugars and sweets but for some reason, today I decided I’d stop at Starbucks – yep, my second trip in as many days but this time, a different location – for a muffin. Today, they were having a sale on Frappuccino so I ordered one and the low-fat cranberry muffin. I ate the muffin in the store and had several swigs of the Frappuccino. Oh! Oh! Oh! Sugar overload! By the time I got home, maybe a 20 minutes drive, what with rain, traffic and lights, I was swingin’…

That was a brand new experience for me. The Frap and the muffin were good but not.that. good. Think I’ll stick to my tea, sometimes accompanied by a biscotti, for a PM pick me-upper…or maybe a gingerbread ornament.


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