JYC ~ December 5

Written communication…cards, letters…emails? Blog postings? The singular New Year’s Resolution I make every year is to write long notes/send cards throughout the year. I’m making it again this year. This is the year it will actually happen! I mean it! As for this particular holiday/prompt, the redhead sitting at the table is Ms. Bonnie Warrington of First Christmas Card fame.


Today was PARTY DAY! Started at the Lewes Public Library Volunteer Appreciation Party at 10a. Pictured above and below. I always need to wander through the Children’s Room when I’m there, of course. Found this. I love Ms. Maureen.


Then, zoom to the annual Sussex County Christmas Luncheon. County Council pictured here at left of shot…they gave us December 24 off as a present!


End the day with our staff party. But in the morning flurry, I forgot my Yankee Swap gift! Ran back home…and, of course, the once-a-day train was passing through my short-cut. But, hey, perfect opportunity to pause, right? And, I love watching trains go by!


Our year-round tree in the office. This time ready for Santa. Why, yes, I did come home and collapse…how did you know?


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One thought on “JYC ~ December 5

  1. Oh my! What a busy and fun-filled day… lots of great memories here. Kudos to the Council for their Christmas gift to y’all! And yes, I also love trains. Love your 2015 promise to self…hope my name’s on the list, too. ;-))

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