JYC ~ December 4

Our prompt for today? Our greatest gift. I live a life of gratitude so this list always starts with love + hope…moves to shelter + food, etc. You get the picture. But, these are my daily gifts; so, for the album I do stay in the moment and/or related to the Christmas season. December 4 started with a meet-up at the Milford, DE Grotto’s Pizza. Rachel, Kathy McFadden (our newest peep) and I enjoyed a cheerful conversation to Dover and Delaware State U for the semi-annual Library Town Meeting. Once there, the gift of time with those I don’t get to see very often and a day centered on envisioning where we want our libraries to go over the next 10 years. SO FUN! Santa even made an appearance. He knows what a gift public libraries are too.


As I checked my email, I found a Pinterest item from Katie. Up popped the Betty Crocker fudge brownie recipe from the 1980s edition. That recipe makes the absolute best brownies in the universe. The page in my cookbook was so worn and tattered, it was somehow lost. The new editions – even the 75th anniversary edition – did not have that exact recipe. Delightful surprise made even more so by the obvious butter and sugar smears on the copy! And, it was found by my sweet girl. Let’s talk gifts.


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One thought on “JYC ~ December 4

  1. Ah, that Pinterest!! With the extra day off – Dec 24 – do you plan to make brownies? Are they to be gifted? Yum!

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