JYC ~ December 3

Thinking about planning holiday happiness…I look at the calendar on my phone. Dots, dots everywhere indicating that I have (mostly joyful) obligations on 15 of the 20 days left before Christmas. Time to put on the skates and zoom through, I guess. No wonder my album scrapping is stalled! Whee-ha! Speaking of planned happiness, I wait each year to get my card from long-time co-worker, Bonnie Warrington. Her card has arrived first for the last 5 years. It came today…and it’s my first one.


And for your viewing pleasure, my Journal Your Christmas 2014 album title page! Finally! I need some advice…the white “flourishes” are intended to be snow swirling about. Is that what it looks like or more like something that should be on a page about Louis IV? I’m thinking I’ll go back to my “blowing wind” stamp and white ink. Or, maybe yank them all together and add the large reindeer embellishment I have in my stash. His antlers have snow on them…think, think…think…and a nod to Winnie the Pooh.


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One thought on “JYC ~ December 3

  1. Love your title page…and yes, I think you’ll like a different technique for the snow. The swirls don’t quite evoke the same effect…I’m still conjuring my “title” cover, too. I know I want to use a transparency and that’s as far as I’ve gotten. Looks like you’re going to be tired and oh.so.looking.forward to the holiday break! In the coming days, fix yourself a cup o’ hot tea, grab a biscotti and take some time to make at least a partial/corner of a page. You’ll enjoy the little creativity break. Ask me how I know ;-))!

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