a basket, a card & a tangerine…

a basket, a card and a tangerine

Honoré here: I suppose you are wondering what those three things have in common… I will spare the guessing game and tell you…

the tangerine:  I always look forward to the Christmas season ’cause of this fruit so yesterday I bought a couple. Today: I decided to have one at lunch. Have you peeled a tangerine lately? My recollection from my childhood moving forward is that they were really.easy.to peel.  And that was a goodly portion of their charm along with being tasty. Well, the one I had today truly failed in both categories. I was disappointed, to say the least. I wonder is it I or have tangerines been “improved?”

a card: Our JYC prompt for today – Dec 5 –  is all about sending/receiving holiday cards. Do we or not? Have we received any ~ or not? I received my first and as of this posting, only card Wednesday, this week. And yes, I know it is early, still. Last week I bought UNICEF cards and I also have a plan to make a few. My mother never sent Christmas cards; she always sent New Year’s cards and for many years, I also focused on sending cards at New Year’s. I find they are becoming increasingly more difficult to find…

a basket: I bought the basket Monday during my quilting association’s members’ craft fair; it is for holding Christmas cards. I loved it and it looks nice on the library table in the entry way…especially with the card (featuring a detail adapted from Frank Lloyd Wright’s Saguaro Forms and Cactus Flowers ) and one of the smaller poinsettias I bought yesterday.

And that’s the way it is, December 5, 2014. Twenty days to go…


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