JYC -Day 4…


This morning Norman said, very factually,  to me: “Christmas is three weeks away from today.” I responded, rather incredulously, “By golly, it is!” and thought, “I’d better get a move on,” remembering the list I penned yesterday  and, and, and. ..Today, however, wasn’t going to afford me the  opportunity to make much ground on that list ’cause I had a doctor’s appointment for my annual wellness exam and I couldn’t/didn’t want to put off cleaning the refrigerator another day.

I finished the refrigerator-clean at 12:30 pm, rushed upstairs to shower/dress, pack a keep-me-occupied kit while I waited for my appointment and left the house at 1:05 pm , giving me just enough time to arrive for my 1:40 pm appointment. Of course, I had to fill out a stupid form or two and just as I got ready to write in my JYC journal, my doctor was ready for me.

I left with referrals for  a couple routine tests ( everything’s good) and a script for a shingles shot. Decided I’d go to Starbucks for a cup of coffee and to take some time to write in the journal and then to the grocery store. I hit Starbucks just about the same time a local high school let out and in came a steady stream of teenagers – all very well-behaved, but teenagers, nevertheless. T’was kinda fun to watch and listen to them, especially a table of four girls who were taking group “selfies.” They let me take one of them and I promised I’d not post it on the Internet but I am including it in my album for today. Never got more than a few lines written, realized the time and left for the grocery store – in the same shopping center.

My list wasn’t too long and I’d hoped to be in/out and home before the lighting of the National Christmas Tree. (Didn’t make that).  As soon as I entered the store, I was greeted with a tremendous buy on poinsettias: 2 for $10 in nice sized pots and 2 for $5, smaller pots. I bought 5 total.


I arrived home about 5:50 pm. Watched a bit of the tail end of the entertainment that came with the tree lighting and put away the groceries. Geez, it’s almost 8 PM and I still haven’t written much in my JYC journal… TBC!




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One thought on “JYC -Day 4…

  1. kmgraybeal on said:

    Poinsetta heaven!!! So, now I need a Mac AND poinsettas…

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