JYC ~ December 2

As we all know, things start out one way and end up as another. I’m having “paper issues” with the beginning pages of my album. Liked ’em before…not so much now. But in the meantime, here’s what you missed. First, look at the present I was given on my ride home on December 1. Before I went into the house for the night, I pulled the Christmas CDs out of the console and plunked them into the easy access bin!


December 2: miserable, raw day on the shore. Multiple layers didn’t help…those that had them on, that is. I started my day by slipping Johnny Mathis into the CD player. Hair-cut emergency for 2 pesky events where I need to fit the uniform of “professional” this Thursday and next. *raspberry* The rest of the day was spent riding herd at the Greenwood Public Library. Whew. I need a new director in there in a big way. Mean ol’ me tossed a half dozen tweens out at 5-ish. No active engagement of any kind. Except on-the-lap hugs. And, circling, circling the stacks. Bye…come back tomorrow. Try again. They were easy to talk to and minimally attitudy. I’m hopeful. My staff couldn’t believe I “did that.” Whew…again.


I played “The Muppet Christmas Carol” on the ride home. Mistake. Too many direct Jon/Mom memories there. Heart wrenched. Luckily, my guys planned a viewing of “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” and prepared a savory meal for my return. I’m okay. Then, I received the picture below. Heart leaped. The Cornells are big gingerbread house folks. I happened across 3 different lighted versions…non-edible, of course…for their Christmas display. Huge hit for them…and now for me. Ho-ho-ho!

WP952014120295036 (2)

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2 thoughts on “JYC ~ December 2

  1. That *raspberry* is SO you! True of herding cats or teens—same difference. LOL!
    Christmas has crept back into my heart and I’ve finally made peace with celebrating Mom’s favorite holiday without her physical presence. I KNOW Jon was singing the Muppet’s with you. {{{Kathy}}} ♥

  2. What an ol’ ogre you are; throwing those teens out of the library. I’d a done the very.same.thing. You go girl! And you know they’ll be back. Poor “new” director; little does s/he know what’s in store…
    Those littles are so cute and glad they and the two Js saved your day. It takes time and sometimes, it is just good to feel…Love ya!
    PS. Gorgeous sunset!

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