Journal Your Christmas…from moi

Reading the Dec 1 prompt on my iPad during MSQT

Reading the Dec 1 prompt on my iPad during MSQT

Unlike Kathy, my December holiday supplies are stuck here-n-there: a few in a cubby on a bookshelf, others in plastic cases, some still in their original wrappings and probably, some still in the store ;-)). But, I have a plan and the. time. to get it all organized and in one spot, this very afternoon! Perhaps you’ll be reading this as I’m pulling stuff together.


On the dining room table, downstairs, I’ve begun gathering Christmas-related items… and sitting in its favorite – only spot, the window over the kitchen sink – is my Christmas countdown block. I’ve had it for years and if nothing else gets pulled out, this does.


Also, hiding in a cupboard that I open every day is an Elf on the shelf. We have a new family member: My grand niece’s son, Christian, born June 10, 2014.


Even tho’ he’s too young for the Elf, I couldn’t resist and I’m thinking I’ll orient him to his future job. Norman won’t mind…I guess…and btw: that’s the Elf’s name, too.

As Kathy said, we’ve been doing Journal Your Christmas quite awhile; I believe this is my tenth year of chronicling new and old Christmas and holiday memories – from December 1 – January 6. One of my year-long projects, starting in Jan 2015, will be to create a retrospective album, covering these past 10  years. I think that will be awesome. But, in the meantime, it is my intention and goal to share the 2014 Christmas season with both of you, right here.

Stay tuned…I’ll be back, tomorrow!


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2 thoughts on “Journal Your Christmas…from moi

  1. Christian is a darling, look at the little elfin face! Thanks for inspiring Christmas cheer…I’ve signed up to make Christmas cards this week with scrapbooking friends!

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