Lost and found

I learned a myriad of insights about myself and letting go over the four days Gracie (my cat) was gone. I journaled my way through the loss—I had not expected to find myself so attached to her.

I decided to detach from an expected outcome and choose happiness in the moment. I am not saying this was ‘easy’ only an awareness and intention. My sadness and unhappiness were not serving either of us. I intended every time I thought of her to send her only love and to visualize her back with me; opening the door to see her on the porch railing; jumping on my lap when I’m on the toilet (odd I know but she bonded with me in the bathroom when she first moved in). I felt her weight and warmth in my lap and heard her purlett—it was so real it made me suck in my breath.

On the fourth morning I woke early sent her blessings and before I cut my morning fruit I sat on my front steps (note: we live in a mobile home in FL). I said enough was enough. It was time to let go. I looked skyward and felt peace…I sent her love, I released my sadness, I truly let GO and was okay. And was stunned at accomplishing this—to be fully present in the moment and know that I was okay.

At that EXACT moment over the morning traffic on the street and the worker guys in the bays across the street I heard what I thought was a faint meow. I instantly chastised myself for hallucinating. Hadn’t I just had a ‘divine letting go’ experience?! I turned my super sensitive radar hearing up a notch—I heard it AGAIN!

I leaped off the steps and went to the skirting on the porch (most mobile homes have vinyl borders all around), ‘Gracie? Are you there?’ My heart was literally pounding in my throat as I waited eternally. She meowed louder and closer. OMG she really was under there! I was able to lift and slide the skirting so I could see her and I swear the first look that cat gave me after
four days was, ‘What took you so long?’ LOL! She was skittish and hungry but physically well. Oh the joy as I swept her up into my arms and took her inside. ♥

The moment I fully let go, the EXACT moment—the Universe sent her back. This was a powerful and empowering lesson for me. Totally rocked my world. I get it!

Missing cat mystery solved: On Sunday wood working hubby and I started repairing, painting, and redecorating the bathroom. We removed old floor vent and pvc pipes that were no longer used and I recall her coming in to investigate; she’s a scaredy cat but also a nosy parker. She must have gone through the floor and under the mobile home and then couldn’t get out of the skirting.

Four days and she was right below me the whole time. The Universe has an interesting way of getting our attention and a wicked sense of humor, eh!?



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2 thoughts on “Lost and found

  1. Now that’s a stop-and-give-thanks story if ever there was one! So glad Gracie’s back!

  2. Me, too! Every day♥

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