Last week, Laura shared another Project 137 activity: I really liked her yarn wrapped around a heart; that was cool and creative.  I contemplated doing something similar. I have a few hearts here n- there and certainly, lots of yarn. But, for some reason, I just couldn’t/didn’t quite  get it done. And then today, I realized why: I was having a hard time relating to the term: scars. My revelation was brought about by this heart that sits on my desk. Made of plaster, the lines are etched in and encircle the heart on both sides.

Looking at the heart and holding it in my hand, I felt calmer, more peaceful with the activity. I rather like the Greek meaning:  ἐσχάρα (eskhara), meaning “hearth, fireplace.”  Even though both my parents are dead and I wish they were around so we could talk, I don’t feel pain. My memories of them and our time together are very positive and heart-warming. As I look back over my life, I am quite, quite OK with it. Yes, I’ve had ups and downs and moments…but no regrets …no scars.


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One thought on “heart-n-hand…

  1. gorgeous pix…love your heart’s scar-less status<3

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