L is for learning something new…

morning sunrise ~ another day to learn something new

circa 6:43 am EST morning sunrise, 9.3.2014 ~ another day to learn something new

My friend Kathy and I are participating, I believe this is the 5th or 6th year, in an annual online experience, Learn Something New Everyday.  Laura’s doing Project 137… and so am I.  As is oft the case, I am the one whose agenda  looks like a groaning board – and I’m the one who is retired!

I  love watching the Waterlogue app process a photo; always a surprise and as its happening, one can’t help thinking there’s so much to learn, not only about this app but about life, especially as we live it. For in doing, we can’t escape learning a lot about ourselves – like it or not. Accept it or not…

In the past 48 hours, my lessons learned have included :

  1. It’s perfect when it works for me!
  2. Some, if not most, days you just gotta go with it: try flying and pick yourself up each time you fall flat on your face – ’cause you will!
  3. Don’t overthink!
  4. Life is practice! And a surprise.

And it’s only 3 September!


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One thought on “L is for learning something new…

  1. Excellent lessons, #4 especially resonates: Life is practice! And a surprise.
    I heard a faint meow while sitting on my steps this morning…Gracie was under our mobile home behind the skirting! Happy homecoming 😉

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