P is for Presence

Quieting the ego…blocking out the “If only” and “What if” is a singular and constant work-in-progress for me. And, let’s face it, for most humans. The key is balancing the dreams ahead/views behind with the Now…with recognizing that This Moment is all. You know my “Time is a human construct” belief already. Moving on.

So, imagine my pleasant surprise when I found the passage pictured below. From page one of Whitefoot The Wood Mouse (the Green Forest Series) by Thornton W. Burgess. Published in 1922, the book is one of several dozen that I have been collecting to alter. The writing confirms our belief that kindred spirits weave in, out and across our lives. Even if those spirits are no longer among us. Cool.

"...getting the most from the present..."

“…getting the most from the present…”

Whitefoot The Wood Mouse

Whitefoot The Wood Mouse

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2 thoughts on “P is for Presence

  1. What a treasure! I’m new to this wise little mouse, love the illustration! So happy we’ve weaved together. ♥
    Alter? Do tell!!

  2. Moi, I am not familiar with Whitefoot, either. Seems to be a wise little creature. I love how the author introduces him as a “mouse” and in the next breath, he becomes a “person.” Truly anthropomorphized. Look fwd to seeing your altered book. Have you started/done any yet? Do share, pls.

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