W is for Waterlogue App…

Painted in Waterlogue

Painted in Waterlogue

Recently I discovered a new app: Waterlogue that I am totally enjoying. Available only for the iPhone – sorry – the app takes a photo and turns it into a watercolor painting. The results are fun but watching the process is the best entertainment, ever!
Last week, I attended a wedding in New Jersey and the grounds of the venue were quite lovely: a man made lake, fountain, peacocks, lots of flowers and a bridge. I thought the symbolism of the bridge was worth capturing.So, I share the bridge with you,Painted in Waterlogue

If you have an iPhone, go download the app. You won’t be sorry! (And I’m not getting any rewards for touting this app!)

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3 thoughts on “W is for Waterlogue App…

  1. Amazing APP! I saw a ‘painting’ recently and read APP was only for Apple devices. Google will catch up! I think we should Waterlogue our cuppa teas for OTV header!

    • Sure, why not – waterlogue the cuppas. Do I have access to the photos?

      Not so sure it’ll show up on Android; the developers wrote a long post about why it’s apple only – basically cause they don’t know the android software and they created this after their day job hours were over…

      On Fri, Aug 22, 2014 at 3:11 PM, Our TriVista wrote:


  2. kmgraybeal on said:

    Brilliant! Time to create new cuppa photos? With an autumn feel?
    I am so loading this app today. iPhone instruction at the top of the list for our next face-to-face, H!

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