P is for Project 137

On Aug 15 there were 137 days left in the year. Patti Digh invited kindred souls to play. We are counting down the days with daily exercises and thoughtful tasks to “love well, live fully, let go deeply, and make a difference”. We use Ruzuku and Facebook to share and connect. I’m lovin’ our P137 family!


I’ve been counting down the days since last years P137. I take one treasure and move it from a bowl to the jar: smooth stones, sea glass, shells, any tiny item. I write my gratefuls and accomplishments and then I say my end of day blessing and let go of the day. ♥

Yesterday we cleaned out any two drawers in our house. Letting go of 'stuff'!

Yesterday we cleaned out any two drawers in our house. Letting go of ‘stuff’!

We made a list of people we love—my inner child made the list! Big stretch for me 🙂 and these words were for her and me:

late life baby
adored, beribboned
kissed with bliss
cape streaming

late life woman
beloved, unadorned
enfolded by many hearts
sails billowing

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One thought on “P is for Project 137

  1. kmgraybeal on said:

    The words? Love. Look forward to the next 127 days…

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